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A couple more mixes. by sirminus
July 17, 2009, 1:16 pm
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booyakasha. So another Friday and another end to a working week at the dogshit job. Here are a couple more mixes that I’m feeling.

Singles and loosies to be added later..still weeding through the feces.

Kaptain Cadillac – Bling Bass Mix


Tracklist :
1 – Kaptain Cadillac – Megamix
2 – Bass N Effect – The Booty Call
3 – Splack Pack – Scrub da Ground
4 – Playa Poncho – Koochie Kuterz
5 – Orbit – And the Beat Goes on (Bass remix)
6 – 2 Live Crew – Yakety Yak
7 – Mr Mixx – Throw it Baby
8 – Bass Junkie – Bass Mutant
9 – DJ Smurf – 2 da Flo
10 – Afro-Rican – Give it All You Got
11 – 40 B-Low – Splash Jam
12 – Maggotron – Welcome to the Planet of Bass
13 – Clay D – That Booty In There
14 – AUX 88 – Let’s Dance
15 – TMFC – How Bout Some Dick
16 – 95 South & DJ Laz – Wet N Wild
17 – Mr Mixx – G-String
18 – The Dogs – Get Loose
19 – Mr Mixx – Freaky Bass
20 – Bass Asylum – ollipop
21 – Get Some Crew – Get Buck Ass Wild
22 – Kooley C – Nibble On My Dick
23 – Bass Mekanik – Rock The Funky Bass
24 – Playa Poncho & LA Sno – Whatz up Whatz up
25 – DJ Uncle Al – Keep Dancin’
26 – 2 Live Crew – The Fuck Shop




Caspa – Essential Mix (07/11/2009)

Caspa has been on FIRE over the last year. His album dropped a few months back, and now he steps up for the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, with a hefty dose of dubstep riddims.



Caspa’s Ghostly Intro
Deadmau5 & Kaskade ‘I Remember (Caspa Remix)’ (Mau5trap)
Sub Scape ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ (Dub Police)
Emalkay ‘Angie Got Stoned’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Skream ‘Dutch Flowerz (Rusko Remix)’ (Tempa Dub Plate)
Mungo’s Hi Fi ‘International Roots Feat. Earl 16 (LD Remix)’ (Dub Police)
Mala ‘Eyes’ (Dub Plate)
Emalkay ‘When I Look At You‘ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Trolley Snatcha ‘Scattah’ (Dub Police)
Caspa ‘Riot Powder’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
Caspa ‘Table Cloth’ (Sub Soldiers Dub Plate)
Sub Scape ‘Dominent Species’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Benga ‘Desening’ (Tempa Dub Plate)
Emalkay ‘Metropolis’ (Dub Police)
Nneka ‘Heartbeat (Chase & Status Just Brought A Guitar Mix)’ (Sony/BMG)
Skream Clap Your Hands‘ (Dub Plate)
The Others ‘Dot 2 Dot’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Caspa ‘I Beat My Robot’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
The Others & N-Type ‘Cicuit’ (Dub Plate)
Sub Scape ‘Clear My Throat’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Trolley Snatcha ‘The Future’ (Dub Police)
Rusko ‘Cockney Thug (Caspa’s Sub Soldier Remix)’ (Sub Soldiers)
Benga ‘Mini Moto’ (Tempa Dub Plate)’
LD ‘King Of Kong’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
D1 ‘Pitcher’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)’
La Roux ‘In For The Kill (Skream’z Let’s Get Ravey Remix)’ (Polydor)
Chase & Status ‘Saxone’ (Ram)
Depeche Mode ‘Wrong (Caspa Remix)’ (EMI)
Coki ‘Goblin’ (Ringo)
Sub Scape ‘Wrong Number’ (Dub Police)
Kutz ‘Trash City’ (Dub Plate)
Chase & Status ‘Mad House’ (Dub Plate)
Caspa ‘Louder VIP’ (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa ‘Marmite’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
Caspa ‘Terminator’ (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa ‘Terminator (Trolley Snatcher Remix)’ (Sub Soldiers Dub Plate)
Prodigy ‘Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)’ (Take Me To The Hospital)
TC ‘Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix)’ (D-Style)
Emalkay ‘Explicit’ (Dub Police)
Trolley Snatcher ‘Circles’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Skream ‘Metal Mouth’ (Tempa Dub Plate)
Emalkay ‘Battle Suit’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Prodigy ‘Warriors Dance (Benga Remix)’ (Take Me To The Hospital)
Search & Destroy ‘Day Break’ (Destructive)
Distance ‘Menace’ (Chestplate Dub Plate)
The Others ‘100 Dollar Bills’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Caspa ‘Ready Eddy’ (Sub Soldiers Dub Plate)
Matty G ‘Turf Warz’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Caspa Feat. Dynamite MC ‘The Takeover’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
Grand Puba ‘Get It (Caspa’s 80Eighties Remix)’ (Scion / AV Project)
Caspa ‘They Like It Low’ (Dub Plate)
Vista ‘Poupee (J-Kenzo Remix)’ (Dub Plate)
Search & Destroy ‘Blue Mantra’ (Destructive)


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Bummer you moved to pdx – I moved to nm from there and am suffering a dearth of culture and dance floor action here! But it’s beautiful and sunny and that’s why I came here – the pdx rain had me in a permafunk of the wrong kind!

Comment by dori

lol! Welcome to NM. Very small scene. Holler at me and I might be able to point you in the right directions for some weekly events.

Comment by sirminus

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