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Funk Dat!!!! by haloe5000
September 28, 2009, 8:22 pm
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Why is it, it seems like every fucking time it never fails never fails, i’m just chilling minding my own business when…

I remember when this song came out in the Mid 90’s and it used to get play on a local electronic show we had here on Friday’s, I would always hope that this song would get thrown in, and for a while there it did. As posted before on this blog, man Oh Snap!!! did a remix for the 2009 which is funny as hell.

I fucking love this beat!

Sagat….. WHY IS IT?……FUNK DAT!!!

Oh Snap!!! Funk Dat 2009


Big Up the Bass! by haloe5000
September 18, 2009, 6:51 pm
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Ol Dirty Dub Steppa

Ol Dirty Dub Steppa

So lately ive noticed a big surge in the amount of dub-step being played, and mixed into other genres with success. Big name players are getting into the big bass sounds, so I thought id post a couple of old loosies that have been on the radar for a while, but hard to find in the blogsphere. The First one here is an old Dub-stepper remixing my man ol’ dirty.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Biscope Dubstep Remix)

And as posted before, Diplo has caught the Dub-Step bug, here is what sounds like an early Dub made way back when So So Krispy Bass Sounds…

Do The Bart Man (Diplo’s Bartman So So Krispy Remix)

It’s been long time, I shouldn’t have left you… by norequests
September 12, 2009, 11:50 pm
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So it’s been awhile since any of us have written anything on No Requests, but it’s been a extra long time since I’ve dabbled with it so here it goes. So this first track is the remix from C-90 who’ve been putting tons ‘o’ work.

The Devil Made Me Do It -Part 1 (The C90s Remix)

Maybe I should’ve named this post putting in some overtime at the office, because all the doods are on everyone tracks these days.

CLASSIXX – I’ll Get You feat. Jeppe

Last but definitely not least, Fake Blood needs no introduction. Has been in the game for a while making sure fires.

Fake Blood – I Think I Like