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You Cannot Play God by sirminus
April 20, 2009, 3:10 am
Filed under: Dark DNB, Drum n Bass, Gabber, Halftime DNB, Hardcore, Jungle

Drum&Bass is the only music that can perfectly express my anger and frustration. This one is dedicated to all the haters and non-believers. 16 years in the DJ game and you will never stop me. Read the title!


Download Here (right-click & save)

Current Value – You Can’t Play God (Freak)
Greyone – Your Life Is Meaningless (Hardline)
Pantera – Fucking Hostile (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) (Unknown)
Future Signal – Hell and Back (Order In Kaos)
Silent Killer – Crack Anthem (Ohm Resistance)
Demo – Trauma Cell (SPKTRM Duomix) (Barcode)
Unabomber – Warrior Code (Manticore)
Benjie – AI (Black Sun Empire)
Enduser – Mavoeuvre (Skeksis VIP) (Soothsayer)
Martsman – Halow (Med School)
The Outside Agency – Surreal (One Seven Five)
Audio – Fallout (Freak)
Counterstrike & Cooh – Computer Control (Counterstrike)
Throttler – The Soil (Manticore)
Current Value – Unpardenable Deeds (Lost Soul)
Limewax – Cracking Core (Tech Itch VIP Mix) (Penetration)
Submerged vs Temulent – Suicide Hotline (Obliterati)
Coresplittaz – The Scaremonger (VIP Mix) (Pressure Chamber)
Love Gangsters – Viva Sicherheits (Forbidden Society Remix) (Jungle Therapy)
B Soul – Pressure VIP (Mindsaw)
Sileni – Black Rocket (Offshore)
Andy Skopes And The Sith – Murderous Rage (Soothsayer)
Evol Intent – Mutiny (Evol Intent)
Forbidden Society – Dust (No Room For Talent)
Limewax & Panacea – Krazee Eyez (Position Chrome)
The Chosen – Faith Of The Fallen (Ohm Resistance)


Le Castle Vania by sirminus
January 11, 2009, 7:10 am
Filed under: club, computer club, Drum n Bass, konflict, le castle vania, messiah, zero machine


Aside from the stereotypical goofy hipster look, this kid is banging. Somehow LCV and Computer Club hooked up and remixed one of my favorite Drum & Bass tracks by Konflict

Konflict – The Messiah
Le Castle Vania + Computer Club – The Messiah

Le Castle Vania – Zero Machine
Snowden – Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Remix)