No Requests Please

by sirminus


Mark Pritchard’s side project, Harmonic 313 has a new LP coming out on Warp Records. ‘When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence’ Features this uber bass heavy beauty; Play loud to get the full effect. Hold onto your genitals, as they will rattle.

Harmonic 313- Flaash



Some ILL Nigerian funk/ Afro-beat

Ofo & the Black Company – Allah Wakbarr
The Funkees – Dancing Time

Found this track “crack crack crack” off of Robot records. Apparently this stuff is called skweee, which I have only barely heard about. Robot music. This cat Uday Napoleon been doing skweee parties in his hometown for quite a while, and I was wondering how many people would be actually dancing to it. Surprisingly enough, there isn’t shit on the interwebz on Uday Napoleon except an interview.

Uday Napoleon – crack crack crack



Here is a ravey remix from the mighty Top Billin boys of this The Federation fronted by Mr. Tittsworth. The track “Drunk As F*ck”.

Tittsworth (ft. The Federation) – Drunk as F*ck (Top Billin remix)

Upcoming Titts shows:

Apr 1 at Just Jack, Bristol
Apr 2 at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
Apr 3 at Digital Ballet, Warsaw
Apr 4 Club Boner, Helsinki
Apr 8 Supercharged at Audio, Brighton
Apr 9 at Electron Festival, Geneva
Apr 11 at Westbury, London
Apr 25 at TAXLO Baltimore, Maryland W/ SMD
May 8 The Forum, Charlotte, North Carolina
May 29 Mercury Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio


and… the loosies.

(Thanks to vice magazine’s Do s and don’t s, I will now have an endless supply of hipster trash images for us… or maybe just me.. to point and laugh at.)

La Roux/Skeam – In for the kill (Woodhead Remix)
Modeselektor – Dancing Box (Sleeparchive remix)
Mastiksoul – Bofe De Elite
Metropolis (The Twelves Remix) – Cicada
Solo (Tepr Remix) – Chew Lips