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Minus – Rainy day dubstep mix by sirminus
February 15, 2010, 5:58 am
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Minus – Rainy day dubstep mix


Noisia – Machine Gun (16Bit Remix)
Donae’o – Riot Music (Skream! Remix)
B.B.E. – 7 Days And One Week (Emalkay Remix)
Von D – Coquine
Mr. Lager & Mz. Alys – Tell Me
Mungo’s HIFI – International roots (LD remix)
6BLOCC – Wave The Guns (Original Mix)
Flux Pavilion – Fucking Noise
Turboweekend – Something Or Nothing (2000F & Jkamata Remix)
Mala – Level Nine
Saviour – People Like You
Von D – Nouvelle histoire
Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
DZ – Ear Drumz
Bassnectar – Art of Revolution (6Blocc Remix)
LD – The King of Kong
Downlink – Ignition
Vaski – Murder
Joker – ReUp
Distance vs. Cyrus – Surrender


Post Christmas treats. by sirminus
December 28, 2009, 5:44 pm
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Sub Focus is probably one of my favorite all-around producers.  No matter what genre of music he touches, he seems to turn it to fire.

Bio:  It all started with a demo CD being passed on by a friend to the biggest drum and bass DJ in the world, Ram Records’ boss Andy C in 2003, with a phone number badly scribbled on the cover.

Impressed by the quality of the production, Andy, after a few tries, managed to dial the right digits and talk to Subfocus. The result of that conversation was the release of ‘Down The Drain’ on Andy C and Red One’s experimental offshoot Frequency in 2003, and the start of Subfocus’ meteoric rise to fame in drum and bass circles.

Followed a couple of 12s on Frequency and Infrared, as eagerly received on dancefloors, and his exclusive signing and first contribution to Ram in 2004 with ‘Strobe’, one of the highlights of the Ram Raiders 6 EP.

His first 12 on Ram was another major step forward. ‘X Ray’, out in spring 2005 and described as ‘Zombie Nation remade by Seattle grungers’, became one of the year’s anthems, enjoyed the rare privilege of being chosen as ‘Single Of The Week’ on alternative tastemaker Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show and even got some daytime plays. He was consequently asked to remix The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ for their Greatest Hits package.

Subfocus released one more single in 2005, the awesome ‘Frozen Solid’, while enjoying a busy DJ schedule. Kick-starting 2006 with an impressive remix of Dr Octagon out-there ‘Aliens’, Subfocus unleashed another killer track ‘Airplane’. Already previewed on Andy C’s ‘Nightlife 3’ mix CD, the track’s gigantic synths and vocal hooks gave it the same irresistible appeal as ‘X Ray’. The follow-up, ‘Special Place’ was released late February 2007, and qualified as no less than ‘Modern Art’ by DJ magazine.

2007 was spent DJing all over the world and starting work on a debut album, now about to get released, with a new single ‘Timewarp’ as a taster. After months of dancefloor madness, this uncompromising track managed to get exposure on daytime Radio 1, even scooping the ‘single of the week’ slot on Nihal’s afternoon show.

So what makes Subfocus so special? Passionate about music from an early age, Subfocus played bass in a band at school, before sitting in front of an old Acorn Electron computer at 13 teaching himself the art of sampling and producing. He went on studying acoustics at college. This eclectic formation, allied with an insatiable musical curiosity, with interest ranging from rock to experimental electronic music – happily discussing Vangelis, Nirvana and Justice in the same breath – explains how Subfocus production manages to sound pristine, unique and strangely accessible, and why his imminent album is so massively anticipated.

Sub Focus – Move Higher

Sub Focus – Could this be real


Daft Punk needs no introduction.. As this song has been remixed 3294872394587234598710 times, this one stood out amongst the rest.

Around The World (Kid Dub Remix)


After a year of touring their debut album ‘Black Diamond’, the guys are taking things back to the beginning. FABRICLIVE 49 recaptures the same explosive dynamism, and ebullient enthusiasm of those original Buraka Som Sistema parties in Lisbon on disc; a vibrant reminder of the idea behind the name of the group – Buraka Sound System. Their FABRICLIVE CD encapsulates Buraka’s love for the lost art of the remix album, with a stackful of re-rubs of their own records, putting the emphasis on talent over big names (including versions from L-Vis 1990, Stenchman and A1 Bassline, for instance). Interestingly, what has become clear to Buraka over the last few years is the impact kuduro has had on club music the world over, with more and more sounds beginning to resemble, or show signs of the influence of, kuduro itself.

Buraka Som Sistema – Kurum (Roulet remix)

-> Buy FabricLive 49 HERE


Unfortunately I have heard this song BUTCHERED by other remixers… So naturally I was hesitent to share.  This is actually not a bad remix and does the song justice.

The Pixies – Where is my mind? (Bassnectar Remix)


Great tribute song by Flying Lotus to the late James Dewitt Yancey.  Rest in Power Dilla.

Flying Lotus – Fall In Love (Dilla Tribute)


Dj Sega… What more can I say?  One of the illest bmore club producers.

Dj Sega – Action News

Sega’z Carols Of The Bells (Philly Club Remix)



Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

Joker’s Space



Mexican Institute of Sound – Cumbia (Deathface Remix)

Justice vs. Deadmou5 vs. The Killers

Dimitri Vegas  Like Mike – Under The Water (Dada Life Remix)

DJ Mujava – Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)

The Partysquad – Murderer (Diplo & Jayou Remix)

Rusko – Come Ere And Say That

Skream – What did he say?

Flux Pavillion & Doctor P – Air Raid


As a personal question for the 4 people who read this blog…. What type of content are you looking for? Dubstep? Electro? etc …. Also, what type of file hosting do you prefer?

Minus Dubstep Mix 10-18-09 by sirminus
October 19, 2009, 3:22 pm
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Whats good kiddies, here is a little mix of some of the dubstep jammies that I’ve been feeling.

Minus Dubstep Mix [10-18-09]

Skream – 2D

Datsik – Quantization Error

Compound One – Get Loose

Kryptic Minds – One of Us

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Biscope Dubstep Remix)

Datsik – Gizmo

Bar 9 – Coalescence

Ed Solo – Age of Dub

Vista – Forcefield

Sukh Knight – Lick It

Skream – Shake It

Bar 9 – Domination

Mr. Sleepz – Sonic Boom

OlliE! & Bare Noize – Dancing In The Dark VIP

Bar 9 – Rapture

Borgore – Foes (16bit Fuck Hoes Remix)

Datsik – Jenova Project

B.Rich – We Ball Harder

Druley – Fail


And lastly, here is my newest track…a dubstep remix of one of my favorite jams.

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Minus Dubstep Remix)

Heavy dubstep mix by sirminus
October 5, 2009, 9:23 pm
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Been a minute since I posted some ish, been maaadddd busy here on my end. Just wanted to drop in and post a stupid fresh mix by a dood who has introduced me to copious amounts of dope dubstep.

Pest – Fuck What You Heard… You Aint Heard This Before

[85:27 – 320kbs]

Vermin – Carlsberg [FREE EP]
Distinction – Brok Owt [ARGON]
12th Planet – 68 [SMOG]
The Black Ghosts – Some Way Through This (Skream and Plastician Remix)
Nero – This Way
Chasing Shadows – Ill [H.E.N.C.H]
Chase and Status – Saxon [RAM]
Chimpo – Pump Action [SIN CITY]
Chase and Status – Bits [DUBPLATE]
La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Nero Remix) [FREE TUNE]
The Streets – In The Middle (Nero Remix) [LOCKED ON]
Subscape – Slow Moe [PITCH BLACK]
Subscape – Nothing’s Wrong [DUB POLICE]
Sukh Knight (ft. Jahcoozi) – Hands In Your Pockets [TRUE TIGER]
Giant – Drumstick [H.E.N.C.H]
MarchMellow – Mess Around With Me [FREAKS OF NATURE]
Jakes – Justice [SIN CITY]
Chasing Shadows – Amirah [H.E.N.C.H]
Koan Sound – Jump Suit Adventure [DUBPLATE/FORTHCOMING]
Mark Instinct – Invader [ROTTUN]
Mr SnoWman – Triple Drop [SNOWSTEP]
Tempa T – Next Hype (Accapella) [UNRELEASED]
Borgore – FOES (16 Bit’s Fuck Hoes Remix) [FREE TUNE]
Bukez Finezt – Fukk Watcha Heard! [DUBPLATE]
Joker – Untitled_RSN [TECTONIC]
Zero 7 – Everything Up (Zizou) (Joker and Ginz Remix) [FREE TUNE]
Joker and Ginz – Purple City [KAPSIZE]
Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Joker and Ginz Remix) [DATA]
Joker – Digidesign [HYPERDUB]
MarchMellow – Hate 2 Love U [BASS PUNCH]
Digital Mystikz – Haunted [DMZ]
Sarantis – Half Dead [TERMINAL DUSK]
Skream – Filth [TEMPA]
Ed Rush and Optical – Musclehead [VIRUS]
Distance and Pinch – Memory Loss [DELETED SCENES]
FC Kahuna – Hayling (Asa Re-fix) {Demo} [UNRELEASED]

Big Up the Bass! by haloe5000
September 18, 2009, 6:51 pm
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Ol Dirty Dub Steppa

Ol Dirty Dub Steppa

So lately ive noticed a big surge in the amount of dub-step being played, and mixed into other genres with success. Big name players are getting into the big bass sounds, so I thought id post a couple of old loosies that have been on the radar for a while, but hard to find in the blogsphere. The First one here is an old Dub-stepper remixing my man ol’ dirty.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Biscope Dubstep Remix)

And as posted before, Diplo has caught the Dub-Step bug, here is what sounds like an early Dub made way back when So So Krispy Bass Sounds…

Do The Bart Man (Diplo’s Bartman So So Krispy Remix)

NONEWYORK – No Rave: Dark Bass Dubstep MIX by sirminus
June 10, 2009, 4:03 pm
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nonewyork Pictures, Images and Photos

Alright kiddies, I know it has been a minute since the last update… Been mad busy moving and such.  To get things moving a bit, here is a fresh hella-bassy dubstep mix sent over by our friend Tyler of NONEWYORK.  Definitaly cramed with many hard club bangers and quite a few exclusive joints.  Make sure you stop by the NONEWYORK MySpace and Facebook to show some love.
No Rave: Dark Bass

Dark matter- N-Type
Shaolin Style (Nero Remix)- Bar 9
TRG – Horny (Reso Remix)- TRG & Mayhem
Art of Revolution (Original)- bassnectar
Nine to Five (DZ Remix)- BOLTAN
Antisocial (B. Rich Remix)- Raffertie
In The Death Car (Vocal Mix)- 16 Bit
#22 (Original Mix)- NONEWYORK
Mind Control- 501
Calm Down- AC Slater
Explicit- Emalkay
Exia (Setsuna F. Seiei Mix)- Bombaman
Sunday Morning- Borgore
Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix)- Boy Crisis
Tokyo Pollution 3.0 (NONEWYORK Remix)- Tommie Sunshine
The Dream ft Dianaconda- NONEWYORK v Commodore 69
Young Folks (Dub & Run Remix)- Peter, Bjorn & John
Western Sensimilla- Dubtek
Dead (Original Mix)- NONEWYORK
Dancehall Of The Dead(Kanji Kinetic Remix)- Kid606
Miss Her (Original Mix)- Komonazmuk
End Of The World- Nero
Dubnet- Stenchman
Gett’n Money- UltraBlack